Saturday, November 13, 2010


Before the birch beer, it'd been a while since I'd brewed anything because I lost my temperature control. After I came back from summer vacation, I put my thermostatically controlled lightbulb and fan in the oven to raise bread without taping over the oven knob and my roommate turned on the oven. I came home to a really stinky smoke-filled apartment one night and opened the oven to see this:

Not a pretty sight.


  1. That's most unfortunate. Is that fan? :( Looks like something I would do. Have you made any soda recently? I was wondering if you might know where to find some imitation sassafras or some with the Safrole removed.
    Cool blog!

  2. It was indeed a fan. I'm not aware of imitation or safrole-free sassafras, but sassafras isn't necessarily the flavor people think about as root beer anymore. As I understand it, wintergreen is an important flavoring. I've used wintergreen leaves, but they don't lead to much flavor. Probably wintergreen extract would be the think to try. I've been trying to go for as from-scratch as possible.